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Plasmid DB

Look at the features below, download the code or grab a copy from GitHub to install an instance for your lab.

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Download Plasmid DB

Current release: 1.0.0
Get a stable copy of Plasmid DB here to install on your own system.

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Plasmid DB on GitHub

Plasmid DB is open source! Head to GitHub to get the source and customize it to your needs!

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Generating a lot of plasmids? Plasmid DB can keep track of them!

In large research groups the freezers can fill up fast with plasmids. To keep track of who made the constructs and why a central repository is essential. Plasmid DB is a user-friendly solution to store and maintain a plasmid collection.

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simple, user-friendly interface

Plasmid DB is user-friendly. See for yourself!

The interface is designed to be efficient; plasmids can be added with a few clicks. Additional information can be added intuitively. Quick help is included where necessary.

Plasmid DB is free ... and open source!

Want to include more information? Don't like the design?
Grab a copy of the source and start coding. Plasmid DB is based on the flexible and lightweight PHP framework CodeIgniter and can be customized.

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