Sebastian Proost, PhD

Sebastian Proost, PhD

Bioinformatics | Data Science




Python10 years 
Data Science7 years 
Flask6 years 
HTML & CSS12 years 
Linux12 years 
JavaScript5 years 
R4 years 

Pint of Science

Streamed presentation for Pint of Science

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Talk Python To Me

I was a guest on the podcast "Talk Python To Me"

TalkPython player screencap

Biotech Glashelder door EOS

Ten minute presentation suited for a broad audience (in Dutch)

EOS Biotechdag screencap

Wetenschap uitgedokterd

Two minute pitch about my work (in Dutch, English subtitles)

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Fokus jongeren

Advertisement for Biotechdag 2019

Advertisement in Focus Jongeren for BiotechDag 2019