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Sebastian Proost, PhD

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1 patent, 41 publications, 8039 citations. H-index : 29
* These authors contributed equally to this work

Means and methods to diagnose gut flora dysbiosis and inflammation. Patent: WO2022073973A1 (2022)

J. Raes, S. Proost, G. Falony, S. Vieira-Silva, N. J. Timpson, D. A. Hughes

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Associations of HIV and iron status with gut microbiota composition, gut inflammation, and gut integrity in South African school-age children: A two-way factorial case-control study. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (2023)

C. Goosen*, S. Proost*, J. Baumgartner, K. Mallick, R. Y. Tito, S. L. Barnabas, M. F. Cotton, M. B. Zimmermann, J. Raes, R. Blaauw


Mood disorders in higher education in Flanders during the 2nd COVID-19 wave: Prevalence and help-seeking: Findings from the Flemish College Surveys (FLeCS). Journal of Psychiatric Research (2023)

E. Bootsma*, L. Jansen*, G. Kiekens, W. Voorpoels, P. Mortier, S. Proost, I. van de Poel, K. Jacobs, K. Demyttenaere, J. Alonso, R. C. Kessler, P. Cuijpers, R. P. Auerbach and R. Bruffaerts

Journal of Psychiatric Research

Long-term life history predicts current gut microbiome in a population-based cohort study. Nature Aging (2022)

J. Si, J. F. Vázquez-Castellanos, A. C. Gregory, L. Decommer, L. Rymenans, S. Proost, J. Centelles Lodeiro, M. Weger, M. Notdurfter, C. Leitner, P. Santer, G. Rungger, J. Willeit, P. Willeit, R. Pechlaner, F. Grabherr, S. Kiechl, H. Tilg and J. Raes

Nature Aging

High-energy level metabolism and transport revealed at the transition from close to open flowers. Plant Physiology (2022)

M. Borghi, L. Perez de Souza, T. Tohge, J. Mi, G. Melandri, S. Proost, M. Martins, S. Al-Babili, H. Bouwmeester and A. Fernie

Plant Physiology

The effect of ß-glucan prebiotic on kidney function, uremic toxins and gut microbiome in stage 3 to 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD) predialysis participants: a randomized controlled trial. Nutrients (2022)

Z. Ebrahim*, S. Proost*, R. Y. Tito, J. Raes, G. Glorieux, M. R. Moosa and R. Blaauw


The effect of oral iron supplementation on the gut microbiota, gut inflammation, and iron status in iron-depleted South African school-age children with virally suppressed HIV and without HIV. European Journal of Nutrition (2022)

C. Goosen*, S. Proost*, R. Y. Tito, J. Baumgartner, S. L. Barnabas, M. F. Cotton, M. B. Zimmermann, J. Raes and R. Blaauw

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Topology of the redox network during induction of photosynthesis as revealed by time-resolved proteomics in tobacco. Science Advances (2021)

D. Zimmer, C. Swart, A. Graf, S. Arrivault, M. Tillich, S. Proost, Z. Nikoloski, M. Stitt, R. Bock, T. Mühlhaus and A. Boulouis

Science Advances

Comparative transcriptomic analysis reveals conserved transcriptional programs underpinning organogenesis and reproduction in land plants. Nature Plants (2021)

I. Julca, C. Ferrari, M. Flores-Tornero, S. Proost, A.-C. Lindner, ... , J. D. Becker and M. Mutwil


Kingdom-wide analysis of the evolution of the plant type III polyketide synthase superfamily. Plant Physiology (2021)

T. Naake, H. A. Maeda, S. Proost, T. Takayuki, A. R. Fernie


Statin therapy is associated with lower prevalence of gut microbiota dysbiosis. Nature (2020)

S. Vieira-Silva, G. Falony, E. Belda, T. Nielsen, J. Aron-Wisnewsky, R. Chakaroun, S. K. Forslund, K. Assmann, M. Valles-Colomer, T. T. D. Nguyen, S. Proost, ... , K. Clément and J. Raes


A novel seed plants gene regulates oxidative stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (2019)

N. Sujeeth, N. Mehterov, S. Gupta, M. K. Qureshi, A. Fischer, S. Proost, M. A. Omidbakhshfard, T. Obata, M. Benina, N. Staykov, S. Balazadeh, D. Walther, A. R. Fernie, B. Mueller-Roeber, J. Hille, T. S. Gechev


Appropriate thiamin pyrophosphate levels are required for acclimation to changes in photoperiod. Plant Physiology (2019)

L. Rosado-Souza, S. Proost, M. Moulin, S. Bergmann, S. Bocobza, A. Aharoni, T. B. Fitzpatrick, M. Mutwil, A. R. Fernie, T. Obata


Kingdom-wide comparison reveals the evolution of diurnal gene expression in Archaeplastida. Nature Communications (2019)

C. Ferrari, S. Proost, M. Janowski, J. Becker, Z. Nikoloski, D. Bhattacharya, D. Price, T. Tohge, A. Bar-Even, A. Fernie, M. Stitt, M. Mutwil


Transcriptomics of manually isolated Amborella trichopoda egg apparatus cells. Plant Reproduction (2019)

M. Flores-Tornero, S. Proost, M. Mutwil, C. P. Scutt, T. Dresselhaus, S. Sprunck


Multi‐tissue integration of transcriptomic and specialized metabolite profiling provides tools for assessing the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) metabolome. The Plant Journal (2018)

L. Perez de Souza, F. Scossa, S. Proost, E. Bitocchi, R Papa, T. Tohge, A. R. Fernie


CoNekT: an open-source framework for comparative genomic and transcriptomic network analyses. Nucleic Acids Research (2018)

S. Proost, M. Mutwil


PhytoNet: Comparative co-expression network analyses across phytoplankton and land plants. Nucleic Acids Research (2018)

C. Ferrari, S. Proost, C. Ruprecht, M. Mutwil


AtRsgA from Arabidopsis thaliana controls maturation of the small subunit of the chloroplast ribosome. The Plant Journal (2018)

M. Janowski, R. Zoschke, L Scharff, S. Martinez Jaime, C. Ferrari, S. Proost, N. Omranian, M. Musialak-Lange, Z. Nikoloski, A. Graf, M. A. Schottler, A. Sampathkumar, N. Vaid, M. Mutwil


LSTrAP: efficiently combining RNA sequencing data into co-expression networks. BMC Bioinformatics (2017)

S. Proost, A. Krawczyk, M. Mutwil


Expression atlas and comparative co-expression network analyses reveal important genes involved in the formation of lignified cell wall in Brachypodium distachyon. New Phytologist (2017)

R. Sibout, S. Proost, B. Hansen, N. Vaid, F. Giorgi, S. Ho-Yue-Kuang, F. Legée, L. Cezart, O. Bouchabké-Coussa, C. Soulhat, N. Provart, A. Pasha, P. Le Bris, E. Jamet, D. Roujol, H. Hoefte, C. Lapierre, S. Persson, M. Mutwil


Phylogenomic analysis of gene co-expression networks reveals evolution of functional modules. The Plant Journal (2017)

C. Ruprecht, S. Proost, M. Hernandez-Coronado, C. Ortiz-Ramirez, D. Lang, S. A. Rensing, J. D. Becker, K. Vandepoele, M. Mutwil


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C. Ruprecht, N. Vaid, S. Proost, S. Persson, M. Mutwil


PlaNet: Comparative Co-Expression Network Analyses for Plants. Plant Genomics Databases (Book Chapter) (2017)

S. Proost, M.Mutwil


Novel allelic variants in ACD6 cause hybrid necrosis in local collection of Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist (2017)

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i-ADHoRe 3.0 - fast and sensitive detection of genomic homology in extremely large data sets. Nucleic Acids Research (2012)

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